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The website Fashionista recently compiled a list of the top brands in the US ranked by sales.
10. Under Armour (Annual revenue: $3.1 billion)
9. American Eagle (Annual revenue: $3.3 billion)
8. Tommy Hilfiger (Annual revenue: $3.6 billion)
7. Coach (Annual revenue: $4.3 billion)
6. Michael Kors (Annual revenue: $4.4 billion)
5. Levi Strauss & Co. (Annual revenue: $4.8 billion)
4. Gap (Annual revenue: $6.2 billion)
3. Old Navy (Annual revenue: $6.6 billion)
2. Ralph Lauren (Annual revenue: $7.6 billion)
1. Nike (Annual revenue: $30.6 billion)
How to Buy Clothes
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Dressing well doesn't have to cost a lot and buying online can save you lots of money if you do comparison shopping. When buying online, buy several items at the same time to avoid paying individual shipping charges. If you're short on money, buy something only if it's exceptional. Also, look for fabrics with a permanent press label.
1. Know when to shop for seasonal items. Retailers often clear out their inventory when seasons end to make room for different pieces. One of the best times to find clearance clothes and shoes is at the end of summer and the beginning of spring.
2. Make sure that the clothes compliment your eyes, hair color, and skin tone. For example, blondes look good in navy, brunettes in red, and redheads in olive. You can enhance a fair complexion with medium tones of color (like blue or green) and a dark complexion with pastels (like pink, yellow, or aqua).
3. Choose classics. Look for clothes that can be worn at any time of the day or night. Mix and match with two or three colors for a great ensemble. Plain fabrics and simple, low-key prints are easy to coordinate.
4. Choose a few key basics. You should purchase a few new things each season so as to keep up with the trends.
  • Tops are good to change frequently because they tend to be fairly inexpensive and do not need to be made out of the best fabrics to look nice.
  • Sleeveless styles can be layered to extend your wardrobe.
  • Three-quarter length sleeves can be worn at any time of the year.
  • Try matching pieces of your outfit, such as a jacket and shoes in the same color.
  • A long or mid-length skirt can always be shortened at a later time.
  • Black and navy jeans are slimming. Try Bermuda shorts or capri pants in this color as well.
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5. Choose clothes that fit and accent the best proportions of your figure. Consider a larger size if it looks better, even if the size on the tag isn't what you'd ordinarily choose.
  • Clothes should follow the contour of your figure.
  • Clothes should glide over your body whether sitting or standing.
  • For a slimming effect, choose dark colors, v-necks, and empire waists.
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6. Select appropriate shoes. Try sandals, ballet flats and shoes with a slight heel. These styles are easy to match with a variety of clothes and have a long life. Avoid buying shoes that reflect current outlandish styles, however, as they will date too quickly.
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