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It's critical to keep a computer operating system up-to-date with the latest updates and security patches. Also critical is firewall, antivirus and anti-malware software with real-time scanning and automatic updates. While Windows OS's include Windows Firewall, it offers no protection from computer viruses and malware. We recommend Norton for firewall and virus protection and MalwareBytes to protect against malware.
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Desktops typically offer more performance for the money than laptops and are less expensive to repair. They let you work on a larger screen and desktop computers generally come with better speakers. Types of desktop computers are:


Full-Sized Computer - These are the least expensive and the easiest to upgrade and repair. They also offer the most features and options.


Compact Computer - At half the size of full-size desktops or less compacts or slim desktops are ideal if you lack space. Like full sized computers, compact desktops tend to be inexpensive but compact computers may be more difficult to upgrade and repair.


All-In-One Computer - All-in-one computers incorporate the computer and monitor in one unit. The components are tightly packed behind and underneath the display which makes them difficult to upgrade or repair. They are space-savers and also designed to look less stodgy than traditional computers. You'll pay a premium for these computer models.


Gaming Computer - Gaming systems provide the fastest processors, the most sophisticated graphics cards, multiple large hard drives, and an emormous amount of RAM. Their cases are usually large and offer room for numerous improvements.




A laptop computer allows for use away from your desk but you pay for that mobility with a keyboard that's more cramped, typically a higher price, and many times reduced performance. Laptops are also more expensive to repair than desktops. Types of laptop computers are:


Smaller (10" to 13" screen size) - These are the right choice if you plan to carry the laptop around with you a lot. While these laptops may require you to sacrifice some performance, they tend to have fast processors and more importantly fast solid-state drives. These offer very good or excellent performance while lightening your load.


Medium (14" to 16" screen size) - This size provides the ideal balance of performance, portability, and price. They're a good choice for those that take their machine along less frequently, or need to use it extensively for work or school. These laptop computers can easily be configured as a desktop replacement. Until a few years ago, only 17-inch-and-larger models had graphics processors with dedicated video memory, but now some 14- to 16-inch models have them, making them suitable for gaming.


Larger (17" to 18" screen size) - These larger laptops usually use top performing processors with standard hard drives that give you massive storage, though not top performance. You might find some with better speakers than smaller laptops can offer. However, they still won’t sound as good as external speakers. Their larger screens can make it more comfortable to use software and use the Internet.


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