7 Additional Ways to Watch TV Shows or Movies
1) Amazon Prime comes with unlimited instant video streaming and two-day shipping on every order placed online.
Amazon Prime
2) The Apple TV console streams Netflix, HBO GO, Hulu Plus, YouTube, and live MLB games.
Apple TV console
3) Google Chromecast has Pandora, YouTube, ESPN, Rdio, Crackle, Netflix,, Hulu Plus, HBO GO, Google Play and Showtime.
Google Chromecast
4) Roku streams Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Instant Video with 2,000+ streaming TV channels and 200K+ movies and TV episodes.
Roku device
5} Redbox kiost locations are everywhere and you can reserve a movie online or with an app.
Redbox kiost locations
6) Hulu Plus features unlimited access to new episodes of ABC, NBC, FOX and CW shows but few movies.
Hulu Plus
7) Netflix has by far largest selection of movies and TV shows, including full seasons of cable programs.
Netflix free trial
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Highest gross US movie revenue adjusted to 2010 ticket prices:

1. Gone with the Wind: $1,537,559,600 (1939)

2. Star Wars: $1,355,490,100 (1977)
3. The Sound of Music: $1,083,781,000 (1965)
4. E.T.: $1,079,511,500 (1982)
5. The Ten Commandments: $996,910,000 (1956)
6. Titanic: $976,712,200 (1997)
7. Jaws: $974,679,800 (1975)
8. Doctor Zhivago: $944,670,800 (1965)
9. The Exorcist: $841,427,600 (1973)
10. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs: $829,490,000 (1937)
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