Internet marketing allows a small advertising budget to reach a large number of potential customers.
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Marketing on the Internet

marketing websitesSince the Internet is an information resource, a powerful way of building a brand is to publish information that people can quote and redistribute. Your objective is to be seen as an expert on a particular subject that is directly related to a product or service you offer. The best products and services in the world won't sell if people can't find them.


Below you'll find marketing tips and promotion strategies.

  • Visit the Website of your largest competitors. This will give you a good idea on how to better promote your business.

  • Create a Website or blog. Blog software such as Wordpress and Drupal is free with many Web hosting providers.

  • After you build your Website, update content regularly. Doing so will give you a higher ranking in search engines.

  • Take advantage of shopping cart software that allows customers to shop and order online.

  • Offer Internet specials in both online and print advertising, such as special discounts for orders placed online.

  • Host a forum on your Website for customer comments and questions. It'll increase repeat visitors.

  • If you have a storefront, provide a street map to your business location.

  • Write content and link to your Website or blog on other blogs and Websites that are related to your product or service.

  • Ask family, friends and current clients to promote your company on their Websites and at their business premises. Seek out local businesses to put up flyers or display business cards. Many such as supermarkets have areas where local businesses can place a flyer.

  • Use link exchange (exchanging links with other Websites). Link popularity is an important step in achieving a high ranking on search engines.

  • Use social Websites such as Facebook, Twitter, digg, reddit, and StumbleUpon to promote your business.

  • Join discussion groups (list serves) to promote your business. List serves allow groups or individuals with a common interest to communicate through Email.

  • Join Website forums related to what you're business field and become an active member. In member settings, create and point a signature file to your Website or blog.

  • Become a regular contributor to Yahoo Answers.

  • Collect email addresses with a Website form or online guest book. Then, send out a email newsletter to keep people apprised of business developments and special offers.

  • Use press releases to send news to consumers, editors, journalists, bloggers and Websites.

  • Consider purchasing opt-in emailing lists to promote your products or services.

  • Use article submission directories. Your original articles will provide an incoming link not only from their Website but from blogs and websites where it's republished. An automatic article submitter will submit each article to over 30 directories in one half hour.

  • Use news releases, pod casting, viral marketing (word of mouth) and online media such as YouTube to reach buyers directly.

  • One thing overlooked by many is including your Website or blog URL in all material that you produce, such as print ads and business cards. A Website is only effective if your potential customers can find it. When listing a Website, always use caps on the first letter of each word, for example Also, broadcast your email address as you would a phone number.

  • Use something like Google Adwords to target customers actively searching for what you sell. Learn more here.

SEO Toolkit"If you build it they will come" does not apply to building a Website and quickly getting lots of visitors. Increasing traffic takes effort. Search engine optimization (SEO) is a critical factor in this regard and can determine online business success or failure.


In this regard we highly recommend Trellian's SEO Toolkit. Their all-in-one toolkit has everything you need to optimize and promote your Web pages, to increase Web site traffic, and improve search engine visibility. Trellian has received ZD Net’s Editors Pick award, PromotionWorld's prestigious Top10 SEO Company Award, and praise from many shareware sites and the user community.


Trellian SEO Toolkit includes SubmitWolf, an automated search engine submission tool, a rank Checker, meta tag editor, several keyword tools, reciprocal link checker, ranking advisor, and much more.


Trellian carries several other products to assist Website owners. Their complete product line can be viewed here.


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